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  Conservatory Exterior and Interior  Cleaning                   
You invest a lot of money into your property, conservatories, windows and doors and they do get dirty and deteriorate over time.
We clean the whole conservatory from the roof and frame downwards, we clean out the gutters and downspouts and check all the fixings and seals.
We clean the entire uPVC frame to remove all build-ups of algae, bird droppings, moss and other deposits.
        * Conservatory Roofs
       * Roof Frame
       * Roof Glass
       * Ornamental Roof Parts
       * Guttering inside & outside
       * Conservatory Interiors
       * Window Glass
       * Window Frames
       * Doors
       * Window & door sills
       * Down pipes
       * Panels or Cladding
       * We can clean any windows above the conservatory
           your window cleaner cannot access             
Conservatory Cleaning
We clean and access the parts that you cannot reach and give you a truly proffessional cleaning service from our initial quotation to our departure.
We valet the whole of your conservatory to make it look like new again!
We do all this with water fed ionized Pure Water and environmentally friendly chemicals.
More information
CLEAN-N-BRIGHT provides a range of services for all sizes and styles of conservatories- for example:
* Victorian
* Edwardian
* Gullwing
* Gable Front
* Sun Lounge
* Lean to
* Bespoke
* All other designs
Interior Conservatory Cleaning
Everyday living in your conservatory can cause everyday build up of dirt and grime, this is often compounded by the additional grit and soil that is brought in from outside as the garden and outdoor areas become an extension of your home.
Like all other investments in your home, the conservatory should be cared for regularly inside and out to ensure optimum performance and years of enjoyment.
Our comprehensive service includes:-
* Interior Glass Cleaning
* Interior Frame Cleaning
* Interior roof glass and polycarbonate
* Tiling and hard floors
Free quotations without any obligation
     TEL... 01702 549978  MOBILE 07949 154262
We will inspect the areas you want cleaned and give you a guaranteed quotation that will last for 3 months
What could be easier.
Public liability insurance for £2,000,000
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