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Our very latest state of the art equipment produces

100% Purified water which attracts dirt like a magnet meaning no need for detergents.

No need for the use of ladders as we use telescopic poles which reach a height of 60ft

meaning no holes in your lawn or scrape marks on your paintwork you also have the added bonus of anyone looking in your windows.

We clean your frame,sills,ledges and your doors in the process

The windows will be left wet to dry naturally which are guaranteed 

to dry crystal clear. 

Cleaning Technology 

High Reach Poles almost eliminate the use of ladders, our use of ladders is only to gain access on some properties.

Pure Water is an imbalance of two Hydrogen and one oxygen atom forming a molecule, hence the name H20. This pure water atom ( Molecule) imbalance creates a desire to return to its natural state of balanced atom numbers.

It is through this process that all impurities are absorbed ( like ink to blotting paper) leaving your windows to dry naturally to a spotless, streak free finish!

Why use pure water technology?

*Purified water cleans with greater efficiency.

*Cleans frames and sills as well as glass.

*Complies with health and safety legislation.

*Operators work from the safety of the ground.

*Eliminates most needs for ladders and high access equipment (some areas may need ladder access)

*Reduces disturbance.

*Maintains privacy.

*Environmentally friendly.

*Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.

Superiority over traditional cleaning is achieved due to the sterile state the windows and upvc are left in after pure water cleaning, making future dirt contamination a much slower process.

Another added benefit is your frames and sills get a clean as well, not a quick wipe over with a dirty cloth but a scrub* and rinse with clean pure water.

Environmental advantages are realized too! We also use only * environmentally friendly chemicals- sparingly- to remove the most stubborn stains and grime but is rinsed with Pure Water.

Your Privacy is taken care of as well. While using an upper room i.e bedrooms, bathrooms and changing areas the last thing you want is a window cleaners head popping over the window sill.

With our high reach pole system, we remain on the ground thus avoiding any embarrassment for you and the window cleaner and of course preserving your modesty.

Poles are very light in structure due to the materials used and generally made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a light metal alloy.

The use of poles allows the operative to remain on the ground and hence much safer, and at the same time meeting the latest Health and safety Executive (HSE) regulations.

Of course there may be instances where we will need to access areas that cannot be reached by poles and we do have specialist ladders to this. We make every effort not to disturb your garden and surrounds.

Choose CLEAN-N-BRIGHT for professional cleaning standards

Tel... 01702 549978 mobile 07949 154262

Fed up complaining about dirty windows are your windows currently being cleaned with a dirty rag?

 The Picture Of The Gent Above Used To Be The

Only Way Of Cleaning Windows

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